Our Bassets

All of our female Basset Hounds are AKC registered.

Hound Holler Sadie

Date of Birth:
March 31, 2016

Sire: Rocky Balboa Peacock                            Dam: Maggie Mae Peacock

(Pedigree picture link coming soon!)


Sadie is our sweetheart. She loves belly rubs and likes to think she is a lap dog. Be careful not to get to close to her or else she will drown you with her slobbery kisses.
Sadie was one of twelve pups in her litter.


Hound Holler Starbucks

Date of Birth:
March 3, 2016

Sire: Phil’s Little Shorty                             Dam: Phil’s Little Lucy

(Pedigree picture link coming soon!)


Starbucks is our adventurer. While she enjoys attention, she would rather be running around exploring the yard and chasing anyone willing to run with her.
Starbucks is half sister to our older female basset, Brownie.


Hound Holler Brownie

Date of Birth:
April 28, 2012

Sire: Phil’s Little Shorty                                Dam: David’s Hazel

Brownie’s AKC Pedigree


Brownie is our motherly natured basset. She is extremely sweet and loves attention. She has had several litters and seems to take very good care of her pups.
Brownie is also CKC registered as well as AKC.



Hound Holler Cowboy


Date of Birth:
May 21, 2009

Sire: Cledus Lee                                   Dam: Scarborough’s Suzie Lu

Cowboy was our first basset when our kennel first started in 2009. He loves attention and will bark anytime someone is ignoring him until they play with him.
He is the father of our CKC male Blue. Cowboy is AKC registered.


Hound Holler Blue

Date of Birth:
April 17, 2010

Sire: Hound Holler Cowboy                                     Dam: Hound Holler Lilly


Blue is our only male CKC basset. He was part of our first litter born here at Hound Holler Kennels. As a pup, his coat was really blue in color, but it has darkened over the years and more tan has appeared. His favorite toys are tennis balls and he enjoys tossing them down stairs whenever everyone is too busy to play with him.


Hound Holler Red Blaze


Date of Birth:
April 21, 2018

Sire: Leroy Deyampart of Sandhill                              Dam: Loni Deyampart of Sandhill


Blaze- our mahogany male basset

Blaze is our newest basset and also our only mahogany basset. He has become fast buddies with our female Sadie and loves to cuddle any chance he gets.
He is from Deyampart Bassets and is AKC registered.